Executive Board of Directors Kajukenbo Association of America

The Kajukenbo Association of America is the ONLY recognized and sanctioned governing body representing Great Grandmaster Charles H. Gaylord and Kajukenbo - Gaylord Method

This Executive Board is comprised of various respected individuals who volunteer their time, working together to maintain and develop a growing association of “honorable” martial artists who belong to the Gaylord lineage, who train and socialize together and who became family or as Great Grandmaster Gaylord would say “O’hana” to further perpetuate Kajukenbo - Gaylord Method. This was GGMG’s Vision.

Sigung Kelly Gaylord McCormick - President

6th Degree Black Belt
Gaylord’s School of Karate, Fremont, CA
Trained under GGMG, SGM Gifford

As the eldest daughter of the late GGMG and a 6th degree black belt, I have the passion to work diligently to ensure the very best for the KAA. I will work cohesively with Great Grandmaster Juarez, the KAA Masters, the KAA Board and its members, as well as other organizations, to ensure we communicate and support one another. I will lead this Board based on what KAA schools and our members require and we will continue to strengthen our association by training together, socializing together and maintaining our common thread – the Gaylord Method. Like my father would say, “We are one O’hana”.
I truly believe we are.

Professor Timothy Michael Gagnier
Vice President

Professor 8th Degree Black Belt
Punong Guro 5th Degree Black Belt

Trained under GGMG, Sid Lopez, SGM Pallen
Pacific Wind Kajukenbo – Yamhill, Oregon

The vision I have for the KAA is to continue to teach and spread Gaylord Method Kajukenbo and Great Grandmaster’s teachings to have a super strong sense of belief in self.  Forge the KAA into one of the strongest and most recognized organizations in Kajukenbo by exampling integrity - plain and simple. Create a culture of sharing and caring that can help enable and inspire children, teenagers, adults and seniors, all walks of life, to live a martial arts way. While having a successor and leader in Great Grandmaster James Juarez who will keep the Gaylord Method teachings pristine and intact, I would further like to exchange and work with expertise contained within the KAA to share and develop other martial skills.   To me, Kajukenbo can be summed up in two words, Freedom and Adaptability. That’s what the Kajukenbo founders did.  That’s what GGMG did. That is, exercising their freedom to create something special drawing from different sources making Kajukenbo self-defense a highly adaptable method no matter what type of opponent.  With the connections I’ve made, friendships I’ve fostered and the respect I’ve earned, if I can help be a bridge between people and organizations, I would like to help.

Professor Armando Saldana
Director of Merchandise

Trained under GGMG, GM John Valdivia,
SGM Jose Quiroz
GL Texas Kajukenbo – Mercedes, Texas

Great Grandmaster Gaylord assigned me as the KAA State Representative of Texas and today, I live the dream of John Valdivia and GGM Charles Gaylord - to teach the hardcore Gaylord Method and to continue to also represent SGM Jose Quiroz in the Rio Grande Valley.

I want young students to learn the Gaylord Method, as they will be the ones passing it on to the next generation. I love teaching the Gaylord Method and my students love when I tell them stories about Great Grandmaster Gaylord.

As a member of the Board for the KAA, I want to contribute to Great Grandmaster Gaylord’s dream, to help in any way possible by implementing ideas and providing my opinion based on what I know GGMG would like to see… to keep the KAA strong and united.

Professor Lynn Case
8th Degree Black Belt

Trained under SGM Tino Paz
Case Kajukenbo – Idaho Falls, ID

I’ve trained under SGM Tino Paz since approximately 1974, and exclusively Kajukenbo since about 1982.  I am the owner of Case Kajukenbo, operating continuously in Idaho Falls since 1986.

I feel my role on the KAA Board of Directors is to offer any assistance I can provide to help the Association to grow and maintain longevity.  Sustaining an Association to help everybody get along, feel included and feel important is my objective for our growth.

Sifu DJ Esteller
5th Degree Black Belt

Esteller MMA - San Leandro
Trained under GM Esteller

My vision and dream for the KAA is for the Gaylord Method to be passed down to future generations to come. To give children, teens and adults the opportunity to change their lives the way Kajukenbo has changed mine. This is why I am proud to serve on the KAA Board, to ensure this dream comes true.

Charlene Gaylord Shires
Event Coordinator

Former KAA Secretary/Treasurer

I want to be a part of an incredible journey to keep the KAA-Gaylord Method legacy alive for generations to come. I believe with our Association’s combined knowledge and dedication, we can continue with GGMG’s dreams and aspirations.

As a former Board Member, I possess the background and understanding of respect and honor deserved by many martial artists. I would like to bring the care to all KAA events so all of our members can train comfortably and enjoy themselves socially. In doing so, providing a gentle reminder of our founder of the Gaylord Method, Great Grandmaster Charles H. Gaylord - by allowing his legacy to flourish.

Sifu Justin Camara
4th Degree Black Belt

Delta Kajukenbo - Tracy, CA
Esteller Martial Arts – Pleasanton, CA

Trained under GM Wohler, GM Esteller

My vision for the KAA is to keep the Gaylord Method O’hana strong and united. To continue the Black Belt Workouts and resurrect the Great Grandmaster Charles H. Gaylord Educational Scholarship. From what I remember, I was the last recipient!

I believe it is extremely important to emphasize the significance of developing the “Mind, Body, and Spirit” to our students and younger generation. This same discipline, hard work and perseverance gained while training in Kajukenbo, will allow them to achieve all of their goals throughout their lives.

“Through this fist style, one gains long life and happiness”

KAA Board of Trustees:
GM John Bono
Vanessa Gaylord Alo
Professor Shawn Hayes
Professor Anthony Wade
Sifu Sonya Richardson