A letter from the President of the KAA

With honor and great respect, the Kajukenbo Association of America (KAA) would like to announce the Successor of the Gaylord Method, an easy decision in alignment with the wishes of the late Great Grandmaster Gaylord.

Great Grandmaster James Juarez will work with the KAA Board of Directors to extend the reach and teachings of Kajukenbo - Gaylord Method.

Since early 1963, Great Grandmaster Juarez has dedicated his entire martial arts pursuit to the study of Gaylord Method. Great Grandmaster Juarez has only studied Gaylord method receiving his black belt from the late Great Grandmaster Gaylord in 1968, the year after the KAA was legally incorporated.

GGM Juarez’s ability to break Gaylord Method techniques down providing a depth and insight of understanding like no other. His humbleness, dedication and genuine love of Kajukenbo - Gaylord Method, along with Great Grandmaster Gaylord’s true wishes, makes him the ideal person to be Great Grandmaster Gaylord’s Successor.  His title and rank was agreed upon and endorsed by the KAA and recognized by Gaylord KAA Sr. Grandmasters, Grandmasters, Professors, KAA members and the Gaylord Family.  Although KSDI Worldwide or BOA do not recognize 10th Degree with anyone using the name Kajukenbo, the necessity for this promotion was understood.  While not officially recognized, it will be respected in accordance with the guidance from Sijo A. D. Emperado.

A celebration of this auspicious occasion was held on June 23, 2018, at JP’s Family Restaurant and Sports Lounge in Castro Valley and by GGM Juarez’s request, blessed by Grandmaster Melcor Chavez, and witnessed by a dynamic room filled with Gaylord Masters, the Gaylord family and KAA members and O’hana.

Kelly Gaylord McCormick

KAA President