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The word KAJUKENBO is derived from the letter of the styles that contributed to the creation of the art.  Together they make up the Kajukenbo motto: Through this fist art one gains long life and happiness.

KA (long life) - comes from the word Karate, an art form that places the emphasis on hard and powerful techniques.  The karate influence was from Tang Soo Do brought by P.Y.Y. Choo.

JU (happiness) - comes from Judo and Jujitsu, art forms that emphasize throwing, locks and sweeps.  The judo and jujitsu influence was from Kodenkan Danzan Ryu brought by Joe Holck and Se Keino Ryu brought by Frank Ordonez.

KEN (fist) - comes from Kenpo, a form of karate that not only stresses the hard and powerful movements, but also emphasizes multiple and fluid hand techniques.  The kenpo influence was from Kosho Shorei Kenpo brought by Adriano Emperado.

BO (style) - comes from Chinese and American boxing. Chinese boxing means Kung Fu, which puts emphasis on flexibility and agility, parrying and evasive movements that flow together.  The Chinese boxing influence was from Northern and Southern Sil-lum styles brought by Clarence Chang.


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